Welcome to Japanese Car

Hi, and welcome to Japanese Car. My name is John Scott and I will be your host for the duration of your visit.

Why Japanese Car

Japanese Car is a V7 Inc property, administered by John Scott and his friendly team. Japanese Car is here to serve the buyers of Japanese vehciles with all the information they need to make a smart decision when it comes to buying a vehicle from Japan.

The Japanese Car Community

First and foremost, Japanese Car is a community of real human beings. Behind every monitor, behind every screen, there is a real human typing, and Japanese Car is a community of people to share your happy moments and troubles with. We are committed to open community. Community is based on: It is our job to keep the Japanese auto exporters honest; by sharing your experience with auto exporters, and by reviewing cars, you help keep the auto exporters honest, and help others avoid bad investments when it comes to car buying. New to the community? Welcome aboard!

Japanese Car Reviews

We review Japanese cars. Look for reviews of the bestselling Japanese vehicles, including the Toyota Vitz, the Toyota ist, the Land Cruiser and more.

Japanese Exporter Reviews

We provide you with reviews of the big and small auto exporters - Beforward, JapaneseVehicles.com, AutoRec, SBT Japan, Nikkyo, Yokohama Trading, JIMEX, Sanwa, PicknBuy24 and more. Make no mistake: There are bad exporters.There are exporters who promise you a car in good condition, and after you pay CIF (cost including freight), after you pay import fees (import duty, excise tax, and port clearance fees), you find out you paid thousands for a vehicle that doesn’t run. There are also good exporters. Exporters who honestly describe the vehicle, the condition and disclose all costs. These auto exporters engage in best practices. In the auto export market, Who is the exporter? is more important that, What are they selling? What is more important, we allow you to share your experience with these auto exporters. Did they treat you right? Did they give you a good car at a good price? Share your experience with us.